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Studs and Cuts

Soccer, or football depending on where you live in, is a very old and popular sport played by hundreds of countries all over the entire world. Like most contact sports soccer makes use of equipment tailored to the specific needs of the players. The balls are of a particular shape, size, and weight, football jersey is meant to be comfy and allow the body to breathe. And soccer boots are meant to improve a player’s performance.

Soccer boots are perhaps the most high tech among the equipment worn by soccer players. During the early days of soccer, players wore actual work boots when playing and little by little they added new features to them to adjust to the terrain. Back then work boots were so protective that they weighed 500g and would double when they get wet. Nowadays, the modern soccer boots aren’t strictly speaking boots as most, if not all, of them are cut below a player’s ankles. They are also very light being made of lightweight but durable materials like leather, rubber, and plastic.

The boots of today are so much more complicated and technical than that of the yesteryears. Both the cut of the boot and the pattern of the cleats can have a tremendous impact on performance, so much so that soccer players nowadays wear different shoes based on their position. Knowing your position and which shoes to wear can mean the difference between a player’s best performance and a mediocre game. Boot designs are typically constructed around different criteria such as power, speed, and control.

The studs at the bottom can be made of different materials. The studs might be made of rubber, plastic, or metal. Studs can be melded onto the sole of the boot or detachable meaning they have to be screwed to the boot. It is recommended to wear screw-in studs that maximizes grip in cases where players find themselves on a grassy or drenched field.

A newer, yet more controversial, technological innovation incorporated in soccer boots are blades. A blade is a type of moulded sole that are attached to exceptionally designed boots with the intention of maximizing grip. An example of a boot that uses blade technology would be the Adidas Predator which was a design made by Craig Johnston. Notwithstanding, several managers have voiced their concerns about the serious potential harm that blades might have for both the wearers and other players.

When you walk into your local sports shop and look at all the soccer footwear available you couldn’t possibly imagine that once upon a time they only came in one colour. Back then soccer boots only came in one colour, black. Nowadays however, sporting brands such as Nike and Adidas use different colours, styles, and designs to make their products unique. Soccer footwear now comes in blue, white, gold, yellow, silver and even pink. Most popular brands use professional players to endorse their products such as David Beckham, Gary Neville, and John Terry to name a few.